Emotions, Psychology and Evolution

W(A/O)NDERING Filmmaking

According to Billy Wilder, if you want to be a director you must be a policeman, a midwife,  a sycophant, a bastard and a BjChFQOIUAEvdnj psychoanalyst. It took me some time to realize the importance of the last point and truly appreciate psychology. It might have been because of the unhealthy obsession many scholars have (or had, I hope) with Freud and Lacan (or Marx and Althusser, but that is another topic). Do not get me wrong, I can find ‘enjoyment’ in the analysis provided by the likes of Slavoj Žižek in their exploration/exploitation of popular culture (especially in the audiovisual format used in his PervertsGuides). Call me entertained and intellectually stimulated, but I do not have to agree.

Strangely, the words Evolutionary Psychology seem to be too often faced with criticism from the supporters of free-associative film interpretation. I am not an expert in the field of psychology and I investigate…

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